LED Photobiomodulation
for Anti-Aging and Skin Treatment



The LED Technology MEDISOL® is a Breakthrough in anti-aging and skin treatment: In contrast to conventional lasers, MEDISOL ® works with photobiomodulation.
In this way, intracellular targets, especially mitochondria, are stimulated in a natural way in order to boost the cell’s metabolism and make it self-correct.

Healing with MEDISOL®

The LED technology MEDISOL® represents a breakthrough in anti-aging and skin treatment: In contrast to classic lasers, MEDISOL® works with photobiomodulation. Intracellular targets, especially mitochondria, are naturally stimulated in order to boost the cell’s metabolism and make it self-correct.

Benefits of MEDISOL®

  • non-invasive
  • Various areas of application such as anti-aging, scars, stretch marks, cryolipolysis post-treatment

Areas of application MEDISOL®

Anti Aging


Scars and Stretchmarks


After Cryolipolysis


The high-performance LED lamp is able to stimulate cell renewal and treat a range of skin diseases and tissue damage. In addition to being used for burns, alopecia / hair loss, pigment disorders, stretch marks, scars or PDT, the LED treatment can also be used after cryolipolysis and as a support for laser treatments will.

Treatment with MEDISOL® after cryolipolysis

After the cryolipolysis treatment, the use of high-energy LED light ensures faster regeneration of the tissue. Any redness and bruises that may occur (see also Risks and Side Effects of Cryolipolysis) subside more quickly and the blood flow to the treated area is stimulated.

FAQ Cryolipolysis

Here we answer the most frequently asked questions about cryolipolysis treatment, our devices and topics about non-invasive bodyforming .

This information is intended to provide an initial overview and is expressly not intended as a substitute for specialist medical advice. If you are unsure which treatment method is suitable, please speak to your doctor of choice directly or write to us .

Prices - MEDISOL®

8-10 min


Peeling (aggresive) treatment

Burns / Laser treatment

CHF 50,--
10-20 min

Acne treatment


Hair loss

Skin renuvation

Kryo treatment*

Scars / Stretch marks


CHF 98,--
20-40 min

AURORE photo mask

Skin renuvation Tanning

CHF 160,--

Detailed consultation
Anamnesis + photo documentation
Follow-up checkpoint for free
*Post-Cryo treatment is free of charge for Medical Aesthetics patients. For other customers regular pricing is valid.
FAQ CRISTAL Pro® Cryolipolysis




Electroluminescent diodes (LED) release a narrow spectral band of light from the visible spectrum and from the infrared range. In contrast to classic lasers, which cause heat damage, they do not destroy the object but use photobiomodulation (PBM). In doing so, some intracellular targets, especially mitochondria, are naturally stimulated to stimulate the cell’s metabolism and make it self-correct. Photobiomodulation has proven itself with more than 5000 scientific publications on the subject.

The working principle of photobiomodulation is very similar to that of photosynthesis. The stimulation of the mitochondria / cytochromes, triggered by the photons of the LED light, causes the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This creates energy for cell renewal and stimulates the production of new collagen. The MEDISOL ® lamp can, among other things, Emit light in the red and infrared range (630nm-850nm), i.e. close to the absorption of cytochrome. Due to the underlying photobiomodulation process, it is therefore highly effective in terms of the new production of collagen.

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