Invidual, simple and
actionable sham fasting



ProLon® is a 5-day diet program consisting of low-calorie, low-protein and low-sugar meals. The body is placed in a fasting state, but at the same time the body receives essential nutrients. The natural ingredients are mainly plant-based and have been gently processed into tasty Mediterranean recipes.

What is ProLon® sham fasting?


ProLon® offers the positive health effects of multi-day fasting without completely giving up food.

  • the only clinically proven fasting package for home
  • based on more than 20 years of scientific research by Prof. Dr. Valter Longo at the University of Southern California
  • more than 100,000 secure applications worldwide

Scientifically developed & clinically proven 5-day program: fasting, but with real meals!

The 5-day fasting program offers a balanced ratio of micro- and macronutrients. The composition has been optimized so that those signaling pathways in the body that signal food intake are not activated despite eating. The calorie-reduced meals reduce the feeling of hunger and make it easier and safer to complete the fasting course successfully. The body believes it fasts without really fasting.

What are the positive effects of sham fasting with ProLon®


Supports cell renewal

ProLon® boosts autophagy (self-regeneration of cells) & provides rejuvenation at cell level Support Metabolic Health


Supports a healthy circulation

ProLon® supports healthy blood sugar and cholesterol, inflammation and sustainably healthy habits


More energy, clarity & focus

Customers report improved performance and more energy in everyday life and work


Weight loss & breakdown of visceral fat

Less visceral fat when maintaining fat-free body mass (lean body mass)

ProLon®: Fasting has never been so easy!

With ProLon®, the age researcher Prof. Dr. Valter Longo has developed a fasting cure in which one is allowed to eat. A box contains all the food and drinks (except water) that are required for the duration of the 5-day fasting program. Numbered boxes and clear instructions simply lead to the destination every day.

Pricing - ProLon®

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CHF 229,--
ProLon® - New Flavors
CHF 229,--

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